A blog is born

by seanyoneill

So I’ve started a blog and I’ll try my best to keep it updated with the intermittent internet I’ll be getting. I’m leaving for Alaska in one week, the realisation of months of planning. Ferry from Bellingham to Anchorage, flight from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay….check and check. I was having a conversation with the booking agent on the phone yesterday about Prudhoe Bay, “oh my gosh, isn’t that the time of year the bears are fattening up for winter?”. I got a little bit nervous so I asked her where she was based and she replied Phoenix. Hah, bingo, what would she know about Alaska. Only she lived there for 6 years, check mate!
I was biking from downtown Seattle to Ballard yesterday and my chain snapped, thank god!! Why? Cause it didn’t happen in the middle of the Dalton Highway 2 weeks later. Lots of work still to do. But for this weekend its Timber Music festival. Right now I’m sitting in Ballard Coffee House with this