And now for something completely different

by seanyoneill

No doubt many of us have been in the same boat, itching to scamper off somewhere and factory reset our brains from what’s kept us in check for what felt like an eternity. Pretty soon I get the scratch that itch. I’m flying into Amman, Jordan to attempt riding a newish bike-packing trail based around the Kings Highway.

Once that’s completed I plan on crossing the border into Israel and riding up hugging the eastern border for a quick dip, err float, in the Dead Sea. From there onto Jerusalem, across to Tel Aviv then back to Vancouver 25 days later.

The new bike and set-up

I spent last wknd on Gabriola Island testing different bike gear and a new set up. It’ll be slightly different than previous trips, this time with mostly bike-packing gear given that I have some desert to cross, the unbelievable Wadi Rum refuge in southern Jordan. Plus I will be carrying far less gear than ever before because I simply don’t have the space. Got myself a very basic, lightweight tent and sleeping pad. The test run was a success and it all worked well thankfully.

Fairly basic sleep system

It’s the night before I leave, and as I finish up the last bits and bobs of preparation I’m feeling a little taste of that nervous excitement. That’s all I have time for I’m afraid, the next update will be on the trail!


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