When life gives you lemons

by seanyoneill

Touched down safely in Amman 3 days ago, however, my bike and all my gear did not. As a result I’m spinning my virtual and mental wheels floating around the city, stuck in limbo waiting for an update. The airline may have entirely lost one bag which is confusing and would be a big problem for me.

It might sound obvious but Amman is different to what I’m familiar with. At night the city comes to life decorated with bright lights, people and a horde of street cats who behave like they run the place. It’s not easy to look cute while marauding through rubbish bins but they pull it off.

Pet me, I might like it or I might kill you

I managed to catch the Champions league final in a Shisha cafe surrounded by Jordanians, neat experience. If there is a perception you might have of Jordan, suspend that until you see for yourself. The people are ridiculously friendly and love to engage in a bit of harmless banter, take note Vancouver.

Roman Ruins in the Citadel of Amman

I hadn’t figured on being in Amman for more than a day so this sets me back in my planning. It’s also been an eye opener getting out and about in the heat and humidity-less air, you can feel it sucking the water from your skin.

Jordan Flag
Amman art

It has been a couple of days checking out this city that I wouldn’t have had unless circumstance forced me, from that perspective it’s been a neat experience. Not sure what lies ahead if my equipment doesn’t show up.. it would be a major blow to have to quit before I even started, all for something I have no control over. Let’s see.

Amman view